About the Project

CORES addresses refugees’ issues by working with adult education providers in different program countries to ease the burden of refugees’ crises left on governments in EU; to contribute the newly arrived and host society mutual acceptance.

Project Outputs

Aiming to help newly arrived refugees and the professionals working with them, the project will produce three outputs for the related sector.

Project Partners

Recep Tayyip Erdogan University (TR)
(project coordinator)


Our teacher and staff are fully experienced in the child care field.


The costs compared to the impact that will be retrieved for your child. We are very affordable.


The flexible option for your child. You can choose before or after school.


Our curriculum is based on the research curriculum in how to teach children.


The activities are fun and insightful. Your children will be happy.


Our security system makes our teaching process is safe.

Transnational Meetings

5 transnational meetings during the project.

Rize, TURKEY                    Feb’2019

Trikala, GREECE                    Jul’2019

Sofia, BULGARIA                    Oct’2019

Valencia, SPAIN                    Mar’2020 

Foligno, ITALY                    Sept’2020

Funding Body

This project is funded by the Erasmus Programme of European Union.

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Making a difference in the lives of refugees. We are ready to contribute to social harmony of Europe.